“You bring your own weather to the picnic.”

-Harlan Coben



Our Story

Where It All Began

I’ve always been a bit of an explorer, with a zest for adventure and an appetite for exquisite food. Some of my happiest moments have been spent with loved ones, trying new foods – hence the inspiration for Picnics and Parks. I particularly enjoy meals in beautiful outdoor settings, whether it’s by the water, in a secluded park, or on a hilltop as the sun goes down. My travels have taken me to amazing locations that I will never forget and I guess a little bit of that will always be with me as I celebrate my favourite destinations through my themed picnic concepts.

Having a picnic is not just about eating in a pretty place, it’s about sharing a moment with people who are truly special to you. We will provide you with the very best service, creating the most delectable experience fully equipped with luxurious decor real glassware, flatware, plates and linens. You will feast on delicious spreads, cheeses, breads, pastries and desserts. Planning a picnic is a labour of love, one that not everyone has the time to plan. Let us do the planning for you.


What We Offer

First Class Service

Our staff will provide top notch service by ensuring that your dream picnic occasion meets your expectation from start to finish

Premium Decor

We believe in outfitting each of our themes with the finest décor to bring our concepts to life. You will feel comfortable relaxing knowing that all products and décor have been professionally cleaned and cared for to ensure complete satisfaction.

Time is Money

We know that your time is valuable so our dream picnic team will ensure the full set up of your picnic so that you can begin your experience as scheduled