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Sophisticated taste buds will enjoy this menu. During your picnic, you will indulge in delicious cheeses and meats from our charcuterie board. Marvelous accompaniments such pickled vegetables and sweet & savory spreads will tantalize your taste buds. To top off your feast, enjoy one of our seasonal summer deserts.

Bon Appétit!


The Bohemian style has an essence of nostalgia. A relaxed atmosphere filled with weathered wood, rustic lighting and charming trinkets best describe the Boho Chic theme.

Boho chic is for those who are inspired by spaces full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see. It’s a rich combination of modern sensibilities that wraps itself in the arms of a carefree and relaxed attitude. If you enjoy breathtaking serenity and beautiful spaces, this is meant for you. Rich colors, patterns and textures will bring this style to life.

Your picnic will come with soft cushions, wood pallets and vintage elements of décor. You will be mesmerized by this modern spin on Bohemian Enchantment.

The cost for this picnic is $199 for two. For each additional person, up to three there will be an additional cost of $45 each. For groups of six or more, please CONTACT US.

5 reviews for BOHO CHIC

  1. Denise

    I surprised my husband with a picnic for our 8th wedding anniversary and he just loved it. The park was perfect, the platter and fruits were delicious. Thanks Picnics and Parks for organizing this milestone celebration!

  2. David

    Such a gorgeous lay out, the attention to detail was just fabulous and the team was very friendly. My wife and I couldn’t ask for more. I would definitely recommend Picnics and Parks to everyone.

  3. Hannah

    Picnics and Parks is absolutely amazing. The picnic was well organized, the décor was stunning, and the food was divine. The girls loved the picnic and were impressed. My favorite part was not having to worry about planning anything!

  4. Christopher

    I wanted to do something special for my girlfriend’s birthday. She loves the outdoors and a romantic picnic was just the thing to do. She loved the beautiful décor and the food was yummy. Thank you Picnics and Parks for making my girlfriend’s birthday very special!

  5. Laura

    Thanks Picnics and Parks, it was a pleasure to organize a surprise date for my husband! Relaxing and enjoying each other’s company for a couple of hours was just what we needed. I will be recommending to my network.

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