Sophisticated taste buds will enjoy this menu. During your picnic, you will indulge in delicious French cheeses and meats from our charcuterie board. Marvelous accompaniments such pickled vegetables and sweet & savory spreads will tantalize your taste buds. To top off your feast, you can sink your teeth into chocolate covered strawberries or cup cakes. Bon Appétit! …See description for more details


Carbonated beverage & water

Charcuterie Board Consists of:

3 different types of French cheeses

Saucisson sec – Dry cured Salami

French style prosciutto

Accompaniments: Sweet & Savory spread, crackers and grapes

Couscous salad with raisins or cranberry

Fresh fruit



Seated at a local café in a street corner or lying on the grass facing the Eiffel tower, you can feel the magical atmosphere about this destination, known as the city of love. With delicate cuisine, amazing museums and galleries, and stunning flowered gardens, it is easy to see why so many fall in love with this beautiful city, called Paris.

At our picnic experience you will find muted pinks, ivories, and splashes of black that define the chic and romantic sensibility in this Parisian theme.

Your picnic will come complete with fashionable cushions, glamorous décor and design elements that will take you to Paris.

The cost for this picnic is $325 for two. For each additional person, up to three there will be an additional cost of $45 each. For groups of six or more, please CONTACT US.


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